Putting P/M Technology To Work

Superior P/M parts begin with certified powders and precision blending.

  • Specialized P/M compacting presses produce low, medium, and high volume production with precise repeatability.
  • Higher part volumes are attained using automated robotic handling.
High-Tech Sintering

Key to Webster-Hoff’s extensive capabilities is state-of-the-art sintering.

  • Precisely controlled temperature and atmosphere enhance the properties
    P/M parts.
  • Sinter hardening with accelerated cooling provides substantial cost benefits and improved mechanical properties.
  • High temperature sintering up to 2400F improves performance of stainless steels
    and other alloys.
Secondary Operations

After sintering, most Webster-Hoff P/M parts are ready for shipping. When applications require additional characteristics, Webster-Hoff maintains complete secondary operations including:

  • CNC Machining, Drilling, Tapping
  • Heat-Treating, Tumbling, Fine Grinding
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning, Vacuum Oiling, Coining
  • Assembly

Performing these operations in-house benefits customers with shorter turnaround, consistent quality and single source supply.