Pure Aluminum, Titanium and Other Non-ferrous Alloys

Currently p/m aluminum is available in 20 series and 60 series grades. P/M aluminum can be best utilized where volumes are medium to high, where tighter tolerances are required than can be achieved with investment casting or die casting or where anodizing is required and the silicon in a casting would interfere. The P/M process with the interconnected porosity creates a self dampening part. The dampening can be useful in parts where noise is a concern. Call us if you have any potential candidates or fax a print and we can tell you if it is a good application.

Austenitic, Martensitic and Precipitation Hardening High Strength Stainless Steels

Stainless is a fast growing area for Powder Metals. Due to P/M's net shape process material cost is kept to a minimum. Special processing techniques can be used to make the parts extremely corrosion resistant or extremely ductile. Where a 400 series is desired the net shape process of P/M can eliminate difficult machining. Where corrosion resistance is desired please supply us with as much information regarding the environment the part will see. The material and processing can be tailored to give the best corrosion resistance for the specific environment.
High Conductivity Pure Copper

Where material costs are high, P/M is the process of choice. Many electrical applications use P/M copper. P/M copper parts will easily accept silver plating. Give us a call or fax us with your copper part applications.
Iron, Carbon Steel, Copper Steel and Nickel Steel

A wide range of soft magnetic materials are available through Webster-Hoff. Applications include, DC motors, computer drives, sensors and actuators. Soft magnetic sensors are used in Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS). Armatures, stators and other flux path components are used in DC motors. The use of high temperature sintering and high density compaction produce parts with the best magnetic properties.
Prealloyed Steels Hybrid Low Alloy Steels High Strength Steels

Alloy steels compacted to high density and sintered under high temperature produce very strong and ductile parts. At Webster-Hoff we have the capability of utilizing these processes to produce state of the art parts. Gears are excellent candidates for these materials.
High Strength Brass and Brass

P/M brass and bronze are used in many structural applications. P/M can replace high cost machined parts or castings that require extensive secondary machining.
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